April 2018

Summer Pavilion


Equipe RADDAR – Sol Camacho, Flora Milanez, Alina Paias

​Engineering Alan Dias

The Summer Pavilion in the garden of Lina Bo Bardi’s Glass House is a temporary structure designed to receive from 20 to 250 guests in events of various natures. Its design was inspired by Lina Bo Bardi’s projects of ephemeral structures. The pavilion’s organic lines draw from a careful study of the surrounding trees, following the possibilities of space in accordance with the concept of the Glass House itself. In the words of Lina: “This residence represents an attempt of communion between nature and the natural order of things, opposing to the natural elements the least number of means of defense.”

The main fundraising event with a special performance by Brazilian singer Maria Bethânia inaugurated a series of events that were held in the temporary pavilion at the garden of Casa de Vidro. During the warm months beginning on Lina Bo Bardi’s birthday in December and ending on Pietro Maria Bardi’s birthday in February, the activities included the launching of the book Casas de Vidro, lectures on architecture, a presentation of the Paraisopolis Ballet, musical and theater presentations, yoga and drawing workshops, among other activities. The revenue from the events was reverted to the maintenance and cultural programming of the Instituto Bardi / Casa de Vidro in 2019.